Less than 24 hours ago, i was in a room surrounded by women my age as well as a generation younger.
We were having a discussion which would have us learn about each other, about the other generation as well as learning about ourselves. It was extremely interesting.

If you’ve been following me for a while- you probably would’ve come to know that i have issues believing in myself, my mental health hasn’t been the best most of the time…..

Last night i had a new lease of life. I believed a small part of me could be successful like other women in the group from within my age group, i had a feeling that i WAS capable of almost anything i set my mind to.

This afternoon however, i came crashing back down to Earth. My 15yr old had to get her hair cut. The last time she had it cut would have been almost 3 years ago i guess. She got the grumps at the hairdressers so i told her we could just go home and not worry about getting it cut but she said it had to be cut as we were there anyway.
So, she had the slightest trim off the bottom to just level it off. It was something i could have easily done at home. I wasn’t angry that she made me feel like a worthless piece of shit at the Hair Salon, i was disappointed that she didn’t see anything wrong with putting me down in such a way in public. I shouldn’t have been surprised though as she has done it many times before and i am sure she will probably do it again in the future- it’s just who she is i guess.

When we got home, she started complaining about me making her get her hair cut. I was back at home so just went into the bedroom and started crying. I felt so bad, so worthless. I felt i was such a failure. Hours later, i still feel just as bad about myself. So much so, that i feel i should be punished in some way. I don’t know how but i feel like i should be treated like shit as i am not worthy of anything better.

I hate feeling like this but for so many years it has been my normal. Once in a blue moon (like last night), I am shown a glimmer of hope, a flicker of how my life could be if i wasn’t always so down and miserable.

I wish i could just snap out of it and cheer up. But i can’t.

This is what depression and anxiety looks like.


Time and Tide

Time flies so fast
The tide washes away what i live for
Tuesday quickly turns into Thursday
Tundra landscapes disappear for another winter

Under the cover of darkness i cry
Ugly memories surface at the most inappropriate times
Uttering under my breath, i try and make it all stop
Useless is how i feel most days of the week

Silence is something i never experience anymore
Sometimes i just wish i was dead
Studying others faces is something i do way too much
Sunny blue skies no longer make me as happy as they used to do


To whisper you a challenge

A challenge i put out there
For you to not speak aloud
Keep your voice to just a whisper
Stay as quiet as a mouse.

Say something you’ve been afraid to say
Say something out of character
Mention the one you’d die for
Say the honest truth.

Utter a line from your favourite song
Whimper like a pup so scared
Ponder how Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers
Just tell someone you simply do not care.

Play a game just for fun
Keep things light of heart
Stay up late, enjoy yourself
But please… do not fart!

existing… not living.

I feel that i am only existing, not living, not enjoying life, not loving being alive.

Knowing that i feel this numb is killing me from the inside, i try to keep a mask so no one can see the pain i hold from within.

I want to enjoy life, i want to enjoy living, i want to enjoy the little things bt i just feel that whenever i even think about enjoying something- it feels wrong. like i shouldn’t be allowed to do so. But i don’t know why.

I allow people into my life who hurt me, i allow people in my life who make me feel worthless.
I push people who make me feel wanted and loved out of my life for fear of hurting them. In doing this, i also deny myself love.

It is a vicious circle that i can’t seem to drag myself away from.

I need to learn how to live again.

When the fire has died…

A long time friend and i have had a wish to travel together for quite a number of years now.

The stars recently aligned and we were able to do just that.

We were pretty open to places to stay, where to go, etc. Once we had sorted out a budget, she said i could book the accommodation and just let her know the outcome.
I found a lovely hotel interstate, a contemporary self contained apartment and best of all- I was able to get about 65% off the cost of the accommodation!

I had imagined the trip would have us seeing the local tourist hot spots, doing a lot of walking around taking in the scenery, maybe a bit of shopping and time back at the hotel catching up with each other, reminiscing about things we did as kids,funny stories, stories and memories of loved ones who have now passed on… just remembering all the good times.

Well, it seems that it didn’t happen like that at all. She seemed to be busy on her phone for much of the trip, or uninterested in the places we did visit.
I felt like such a bad person… and i still do.
I feel like not only am i now the worst friend on Earth, but i have, to an extent, lost the special bond we both had… I am unworthy of her friendship. I’m nothing more than a piece of scum, or something to complain to her friends about when she is having a bad day. I don’t blame her if she has been talking about what a crappy friend i am. I guess i deserve it, i should have allowed her to have more input in what happened during the trip.
I mean, i sent her a list of various accommodation options and asked her which she liked the most, i asked her what she would like to see or visit as soon as we had the accommodation booked and confirmed.

There were only a couple of paid attractions that we didn’t visit but we had spoken about it and realised museums and the like wasn’t exactly something that thrilled her. That was cool, i can work with that. We watched the sunset over beautiful mountain ranges and watched lakes and buildings glisten in the last light of the day’s sun.We visited lookouts which offered 360 degree views of the surrounding districts.

It still leaves me feeling like the worst friend on Earth.
Maybe i am just incredibly guilty for talking openly to my hubby and saying how i was disappointed that our short trip away was nothing like i imagined it would be. I expected there to be lots of laughs, conversations that lasted for many hours like we used to have, crazy out of tune singing to whatever was playing on the radio, commentating on what we thought was being said or what may or may not have been happening while people watching… Just reliving our teen years i guess. I feel horrible, useless, pathetic, worthless…

Was it asking too much to suggest keeping technology to a minimum for the time we were away?
I felt like her phone was far more important than anyone or anything while we were away and i think that is what hurt the most.


Maybe we have to sit back and remember that we may rely on our laptops, smartphones and such to live our daily lives and get our work done… but let’s not forget about living, breathing human beings. The friends we have had face to face contact with for quite some time. They have feelings, unlike our technological items…

About time, right?

I have been meaning to write something for quite some time. I have “written” entire blog posts in my head, thought about every little detail that I wanted to say. But them i have a little voice in my head tell me not to be stupid- no one would want to read what i feel like saying. No one wants to know my thoughts or feelings…

Anyway, rather that turn this into one long post about a bit of everything… i might put up some new writings over the next few days.