More than just skin deep.

Weathered from tears that have been shed through the years
Your eyes shine bright like the sun rising after night.
A heart of gold- always warm, never cold.

Why do people judge you?
Don’t they know you’re more than skin deep?
I wish they’d know you as as person
Get to know you and your life story.

With you I take time when we drink tequila and lime
You are a great friend who i will love ’til the end.
Your soul is so devine, i go to sleep wishing you were mine.

Writing 201. Day 3.

A gift for you.

As i scan the store i look everywhere
Gift ideas are flickering in my mind.
If by magic- it jumps out at me,
Facing the back of the store,
Tucked away behind other items
Feelings of elation within me are growing,
Offering the cashier my money, i leave
Relieved i found the ideal gift for you.
Your eyes light up as i hand over the delicately wrapped package
Overwhelmed with emotion- you finally squeal with delight
Ultimately, our life is now complete.

Writing 201. Day 2.