Daily Prompt: Mutants & Hybrids.

This was one Daily Prompt which really got my imagination going. I have been thinking of all different combinations and how they would work as the one “being”.

I think my initial Mutant would have to be part human, part horse and part dog.
I’m thinking torso & above human with an equine body/legs and canine loyalty & characteristics.
I’m not entirely sure what it would be called but it would be a creature of beauty, brains and loyalty.

Another Hybrid I like the sound of would be one part human, one part spider and one part gold.
Imagine being able to spin a web of gold thread. Being able to get yourself into tiny crevices.
Like life, being part spider wouldn’t be the easiest. You’d be constantly worried about getting hurt- or worse.
There would be people who could see the beauty within you, but they would be few and far between- just like great friends.




DAILY PROMPT: Finders, Keepers?

While walking along you find something valuable… Should you keep it?
Friendship is one thing which first popped into my mind.
Think about it…
Our friends haven’t always been our friends. Once upon a time they were strangers.

Two strangers crossed paths, for some reason they started talking and fast forward to today and those two strangers are most likely you and your best friend.

What would have happened if you had’ve just kept walking?

Would your life still be the same? Do you think you would have met your friend again in the future from the first time you met?

I do believe that true friendship is just as valuable, if not more valuable (I’d even go as far as saying that true friendship is PRICELESS) than things like jewellery, or a wad of cash.
Yes, jewellery and cash can bring a smile to your face… but will it make you laugh, be there for you in good times and bad, be the one to give you the right advice when you most need it? The simple answer is NO. No it won’t.

Although things like jewellery and cash can give a false sense of security, wealth and happiness in the short term, it can never take the place of a true friend.