Daily Prompt: Mutants & Hybrids.

This was one Daily Prompt which really got my imagination going. I have been thinking of all different combinations and how they would work as the one “being”.

I think my initial Mutant would have to be part human, part horse and part dog.
I’m thinking torso & above human with an equine body/legs and canine loyalty & characteristics.
I’m not entirely sure what it would be called but it would be a creature of beauty, brains and loyalty.

Another Hybrid I like the sound of would be one part human, one part spider and one part gold.
Imagine being able to spin a web of gold thread. Being able to get yourself into tiny crevices.
Like life, being part spider wouldn’t be the easiest. You’d be constantly worried about getting hurt- or worse.
There would be people who could see the beauty within you, but they would be few and far between- just like great friends.