Setting out into the dark I watched for a glimpse of life. The flicker of eyes, the warmth of a breath on a cold winter’s night, the sound of a smile…

There was nothing.

Into the darkness was more darkness and unknowing. There was no sign of life, no sign of existence.

Where exactly was I? I was still standing so I knew there was gravity and I must still be on Earth.

The silence was unbearable. Not being able to hear anything at all was deafening. Not being able to see was blinding.

It was all to much for me to comprehend. I didn’t want to go back to where I had been yet I was scared to continue going forward in fear of what may lie ahead of me.

I felt naked. Alone. Scared.

I wanted to reach out yet I felt I was bound tightly and could not move at all.

I could feel myself drowning. Drowning in a pool of nothingness.
Nothing. At. All.

I wanted to scream out for help yet when I opened my mouth, no words came out. I was unable to talk, unable to make any audible noises.

I want to cry yet my body is as arid as the driest of dry deserts- parched and lifeless if viewed from the outside
If you take a closer look you would realise there is life within.

There are tears trying to come out, screams of pain, of pleading.
I was not drowning, I was safe.

Hands reached out to me, my body draped in soft cloth with loved ones nearby.

Everything was becoming clearer than it had ever been before.
I could hear the wind howling, I could hear all the animals, running water, rustling leaves.

I could see it all.

I was alive.


Daily Prompt: Something so strong

My best friend and I met by chance I guess.
We never really knew each other, although we lived across the road from each other.
We never went to the same school, never went to the same church, we didn’t always shop at the same stores either.
We just simply existed in the same neighbourhood until I started high school and had to start getting the bus to school.
Our friendship started when we used to get the same bus home from the train station to the bus stop near our homes each afternoon. The bus would often be quite packed so we’d often find ourselves sharing a seat together.
I think we were both quite shy but once we started talking to each other, things changed from us being acquaintances to “bus buddies” to friends and then down the track, very good friends at that.

It may not be a very extraordinary story compared to some people, but it is our story.
It is how our lifelong friendship started off.

I think what keeps our friendship going strong after all these years is that we have always been there for each other through thick and thin, we have stood up for each other, offered each other a shoulder to cry on when it was needed, we have been through the birth of our children together, we trust each other.


Daily Prompt: BFFs

I have been friends with my BFF for about 20 years, possibly longer.
She’s a few years younger than I am.
We never went to the same schools, just lived across the road from each other and usually got a bus home together from the train station to our stop.

She has been there for me through thick and thin, even if she had problems of her own to deal with.

For quite a while now I have called her “sexybum”. I’m not sure when I started giving her that nick name or how it came about, but it has stuck.
It may have been when she was with her ex-boyfriend. He would be all lovey-dovey around her one day and then turn on her the next saying how he had to go elsewhere to see beautiful girls/women.
They may have had a beautiful daughter together but he had a lot of growing up to do (and most likely still does).

I could never put a price on my BFF, she’s absolutely priceless!

One lovely thing is that our eldest daughters are good friends too. I hope their friendship is like ours. We can go months without seeing each other but when we do get to catch up, it’s as though we only saw each other yesterday.

We are also so very comfortable with each other and talk about so much. Sometimes we end up in tears of laughter as we try to work out how two adults can come up with the most childish and hilarious conversations known to man.

But that’s what I love about my BFF. We cry together, laugh together, try to embarrass each other (but usually end up embarrassing ourselves instead).

I’m not sure how long it will take for her to get around to reading my blog and this post, but I just want to let her know how much I love her for who she is.