Daily Prompt: Game of Groans

Game of Groans: Reality TV.

Where do I start??

How close to reality IS Reality TV?

These shows come onto our TV’s almost nightly- each series tries to be “unique”, but ultimately it’s the same thing. A group of “everyday” people living “everyday” lives doing “everyday” things… but having cameras following them around and recording what they do, how they do it, when they do it. I don’t think they fully cover WHY they do it though… I guess Reality TV is just something we take for granted now. It is everywhere.

They must be the best thing since sliced bread, right? I mean, if they weren’t so great- they wouldn’t still be on TV.

We have shows about:
home cooking, commercial cooking,
home renovations, complete restorations,
singing, dancing, magic, acting,
making a fool of yourself or others-
the list seems to be endless… and then it seems that the list is getting longer and longer by the day!

We must lead such boring lives these days.
We seem to need to watch other people living their lives (staged or candid) to be able to survive our self.

We don’t need to go out anymore, there is no need to exercise, be creative, have fun or lift a finger (unless it is to change the channel to yet another Reality TV show) as we can just watch someone else doing it all.