Between Point A and Point B was the Wisteria in full bloom.


This might not be the clearest photo, but I was caught up in the moment when I took it. I was walking between my home and my children’s school.
The Wisteria’s beauty took me by surprise.
I was having a bad day when I walked by this plant but looking at it’s stunning flowers made my day seem that little bit better.


I wish…

Beach & jetty views

I wish that I could sometimes just sit somewhere quiet and exist.

Just to sit down, maybe at a place somewhere like in the photo, and run my fingers in the sand if I feel like it, maybe walk slowly along the water’s edge looking out for any little sea creatures, Maybe even just sit quietly and watch the waves lap at the sand.

Some people may call it meditating but I don’t as I don’t believe I have the patience to meditate. I can, and sometimes do however, enjoy sitting somewhere and just trying to connect with Nature.

I have always felt close to nature. I enjoy going for bushwalks, I enjoy interacting with plants and animals. I enjoy how Nature takes me for who I am, how I am not expected to pretend to be a particular person or fit into a particular mould.
If I don’t feel like talking, I don’t have to. But then again, if I have a lot on my mind- I can get it all off my chest without having to worry about someone judging me on my thoughts at the time.

I wish life was simpler.
I wish I could take things slower without being made to feel bad about it.
I wish I could all be happy in my own way without having to explain myself to everyone.


What If?

Road to Nowhere

What if I could just go… leave everything behind and start off fresh?
It’s not something I want to do but I can’t help but think the world would be better off without me.
Can’t help but think everyone would be better off if I wasn’t around to be such a burden on their lives.

What if the only thing left of me were my shadows and foot prints.

Would anyone miss me?

Would anyone realise that my soul was long gone?