Finding my feet and the rest of me too.

I have joined up to blogging 101 for another year as i got a bit lazy with my blog for the best part of this year.

i joined up to this community/class so i could get back in touch with my blog and get back into the swing of things and start a good blogging habit once again.

I hope to be able to finish Blogging 101 knowing i have learnt new skills, better ways to write and blog, knowing i have done my best to expand my interests and networked with other wordpress members, i would love to find other blogs out there that i can relate to, other blogs that i can look to for inspiration and admire.

Most of all though, i hope i can finish this and walk away a new person, someone who has learnt more about themself as not only a person, but also a blogger and writer.
If i can find my feet and become a better person- even just a little bit, then that is progress for me.