Breaking through

It’s about time i broke through the wall i have created. I have been meaning to add to my blog and time after time i have come up with some great entries in my mind, but when it comes to the crunch- nothing has become of it.

Here i am again, wanting to write something worthy of reading but i am left feeling deflated, feeling as though i am disappointing my followers and those reading this.

To you all, i am sorry.

I have been wasting my life scrolling through status after status on social media… numbing my brain and i am sure killing off a few brain cells along the way.
I don’t really have any need to be doing such a thing as i don’t really have anything sensible to add to my profile, instead i share links or videos which made me smile for a fraction of my life. My friends may not see it the same way as i did as i have a sick sense of humour compared to some of my friends…

Since i last wrote, i now have all my children at school.
Silly me thought i would have more time up my sleeve to do my own thing, find out who i really am now and what i want to do with my life…


I volunteer as a “Canteen Mum” and will be looking into helping out in the classroom as well from next month- i enjoy doing that.
I also travel to my Nan’s each week to help her run errands, do shopping, housework, gardening, cooking, etc. Once again- i enjoy doing that.
But it has meant that i haven’t yet been able to really do what i thought i’d be able to do.

Thankfully my back pain hasn’t been too bad, but it has made me have to change plans on a number of occasions which meant i couldn’t do as i had planned.

Maybe one day i’ll be able to chase my dreams… it seems that now isn’t the time for me to do so.