Keeping one’s mind from over-thinking things

I sit here with my 2 youngest children asleep on the bed next to me. It is after 1am.

My husband was going out to dinner with his sports team which i am completely fine with as they’re a great bunch of men and he wouldn’t think of doing anything dangerous or stupid.
BUT, he’s been gone for 6 hours now and i can’t help but begin to wonder if he’s OK. When he goes out like this he’s usually only gone for about 4 hours at the most…
It is raining here at the moment which is making me worried as i’d hate to think that he has been involved in a car accident and i’m none the wiser about it.

I know i shouldn’t worry as he’s a grown adult and should be trusted to make his own decisions.

i just can’t help but wonder if he’s not replying to my texts because his battery went flat or has he got his phone on silent or turned off?
I simply don’t know- this isn’t like him.

I’m even wondering if one of the guys has for some unknown reason spiked one of his drinks? He doesn’t drink alcohol and they all know and respect that too, but what if one of them did that to him after THEY got drunk and he didn’t realise until it was too late?

I just can’t help but over think things and it is all the over thinking that i do that makes my anxiety so much worse…